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Fabiola Martínez 

Fabiola Martínez Rodriguez was born in Mexico City and grew up in the City of Santiago de Querétaro.


She is an Architect from the Instituto Tecnologico de Querétaro and she moved to Saint John New Brunswick several years ago, where she got married and raised two children, considering Mexico and Canada as her home.


Fabiola works as a professional artist, her art shows the beauty created when we blend different cultures together. Combining architecture, natural elements and light to represent the energy that surrounds us and the connection we all share.

To Fabiola architecture is the silent witness to life unfolding. It’s not just about the buildings, though they show the culture, it’s about the life that is around them, within them and growing beneath them. Using the cochineal from her homeland for its vibrant red colour, Fabiola incorporates nature into each piece and with it, she brings part of her heritage to the canvas.


Fabiola’s work has been exhibited in art centers, galleries and universities in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as the city of Vancouver, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History in California, The New Brunswick Museum and Lotton Gallery in Chicago. in Mexico, her work has been exhibited at the Cineteatro Rosalio Solano in her hometown.


Fabiola is passionate about art education and was named by the YMCA of Greater Saint John as a Community Champion 2018. She has been the recipient of several grants by the prestigious  ArtsNB and the Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the New Brunswick.


Fabiola is on the Board of Directors of Craft NB, jury member of Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council, WEAD-Women Eco Artist Dialog. LACAP- Latin American- Canadian Art Projects in Toronto.

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